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Purpose. We all want to believe that our life means something, right?  It is my heart’s desire to help others know and trust that they have been wonderfully made to fulfill a distinct and unique purpose. I live for the moments when a person recognizes that they are significant in a world with over seven billion people, or competent to do and achieve great things, or quite simply, see themselves as lovable.

My grandfather was a pastor. My father is a theologian and preacher. My mother is a woman of God. And though the example of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ was always before me, I am proud that I OWN my walk with King Jesus. I was 12 years old when a preacher came to our church and I responded to the call to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of my life. I am most grateful for God’s mercy and grace.

I studied Psychology in undergrad. A few years later, I went to graduate school to pursue degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Business. Naturally, I worked with Fortune 500 organizations, doing a lot of assessment, coaching, and organizational development work. Though I was mostly satisfied, something was missing. What I really wanted to do was combine my formal training with my faith. I wanted to open the Bible to see what God had to say. I wanted to pray together and ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. So I began to specifically ask God to give me the opportunity to do similar work with the church. He answered that prayer in many ways, including meeting Nick through one of my colleagues and friends who sat next to him on a plane flight—sovereign grace indeed!

My goal as a coach is to help Christian leaders live out Proverbs 4:18, “The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter until the full light of day.” In a word: Maturity. That’s a weighty and thorny word, I know; because it applies to all aspects of life, physically and emotionally, but especially spiritually. So while I integrate tools, theories, and best practices I have learned throughout my career, I am ultimately pointing people to Jesus and the Word of God.

I am married to my college sweetheart, Jennifer, and we have three amazing children. After almost a decade as homemaker, she is back to work outside the home as an elementary school teacher. Our kids, Caleb, Sofia and Isabela…well, they keep us honest. I can remember the moment each was born and the instant love that I had for them simply because they existed. For fun and relaxation, I enjoy dates with Jennifer, new adventures with the kids, laughing with friends, trying out cultural foods, playing all types of sports (especially basketball), and I hesitate to say this because my judgement may come into question, but rooting for Cleveland sports teams.


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