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I come from a pretty unique background with a host of rich experiences. Success, failure, pain, and person growth have molded me into the man I am today. I’ve overcome some real adversity (mostly self-inflicted) and as a result, I see life differently than most and definitely know life is very precious.

I have an eclectic education in religion, psychology, music, business management, and organization consulting. And I have the student loans to prove it!

I’ve had extensive experience in both church and corporate settings that give me a unique perspective on these two worlds. I’m jazzed about vision, mission, and strategy but most of all, challenging people who are motivated to grow holistically in their lives.

I love getting to know someone’s world. People I trust tell me I am curious, thoughtful, well-read, and that I ask really good questions. I’m pretty sure that is true. I do know that I love it when I can help someone engage their life with greater focus, and experience results they had a hard time even dreaming of.

I am the father of four, husband of one, voracious reader, avid sports fan, and personal development junkie. I also lead the men’s ministry at my church.

I live with my family in the suburbs of Chicago (Go Bulls, Go Bears, Go Blackhawks, and Go White Sox!).

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