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After going through coaches training led by Nick Howard, and seeing the impact that coaching has on people’s lives, I thought to myself, “If I’d had these skills when I first became a pastor’s wife, I would have been more confident in sitting alongside the grieving, the hopeless, the lost, the hurt, the confused and the despondent.”

Witnessing the power of Spirit-led coaching in transforming people’s lives got me hooked. I knew God wanted me to play a part in bringing hope and healing to the lives of others through the skill set of coaching, so in 2010, I joined a team that successfully formulated a curriculum that taught these skills to pastor’s wives. What a difference a few skills has made in these women’s lives and ministries!

One of my passions is to help leaders discover their core values and formulate their personal vision… because it is life-changing. I have seen how a personal vision gives leaders focused direction and greater clarity in decision making. Personally, vision work has aligned my life with God on deeper levels and brought blessing and fulfillment into my relationships. My dream is that all leaders will have a personal vision that would allow them to lead more fully toward the ultimate goal: the Kingdom of God.

I have been richly blessed with my husband of 18 years and two beautiful daughters, Abigail and Isabel. My husband, Fidel, has had the privilege of serving in our current church for the past eleven years. As a family, we love beauty, nature, and travel. We camp, hike, explore, visit museums and historical sites. We have covered most of the continental USA in our adventures. I have to add that we have a few foodies in our family, so we love trying different cuisine. Personally, I enjoy pursuing my relationship with God, and enjoy his push in my spiritual and emotional growth.


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