So Why Is Pursuing Flourishing SO Important?

Fair question. Why would pursuing flourishing be so important?   I believe when we frame flourishing from a godly perspective, it becomes one of the most compelling and motivating frames to live our lives by. Let me just hit on a few of the ways that pursuing flourishing can be so powerful.

Flourishing and the Kingdom of God

If you’re like the most of Christian leaders I’ve worked with over the past 10 years, you care very deeply about seeing people come to the Lord. You love seeing people mature, and seeing His Body grow. 

You love to see people experience greater freedom in the Lord, love to see marriages and families get healthier and stronger, and love to see more life and even vibrancy grow in your culture. Those are beautiful, beautiful things.  Things that we know bring a smile to God’s face. 

When we see those things happening, it means more of the Kingdom of God is coming, and that is perhaps the most wonderful thing in the world. When we see and feel more of the Kingdom of God in our midst, flourishing is happening.

So as Christian leaders in whatever sphere we are working in, as we seek to help others mature in God, we are working to see God’s kingdom flourish.

Flourishing and You

But what about you? Does God want you to flourish?  This might be a provocative question:  Is He more interested in what you can do for Him, than what you can become in HIm?

Or to go a bit further, does He need you so desperately that He expects you to scramble and chronically devalue your soul or most important relationships because He is limited and doesn’t have another answer besides using you?

 I’m not intending to be annoying or simplistic here.

I’m really working to expose what we can unwittingly find ourselves believing and acting upon as we engage our lives and ministries.

When we get so busy, when our unconscious motivators take over, we find ourselves moving away from flourishing. There is truly less of God present in our souls  as we chronically overextend.  Less transformational power in our ministry.

God Aspirations and You Flourishing

I believe God deeply longs for you to flourish.

I believe it is fair to say that your soul matters more to God way more than what you do.

I don’t believe that God calls you from a place of desperation. I don’t believe He wants you to always be scrambling and overextending.

I believe God’s biggest dream for you is for you to become like His Son (Romans 8:29), the most alive and full person who ever walked this planet.

It is clear that he has given you good work to do (Ephesians 2:10), yet I don’t believe that is not the primary reason why He made you.  I believe he gave you good works to do, so that you could have the privilege of participating in His redemptive work, and grow and mature in Him through that work. 

Flourishing and Your Greatest Influence

 As Peter Senge has said: Modeling is the most powerful form of influence.

Your greatest shot at helping others become more alive in the Lord is for you yourself to become more and more alive in the Lord

If you are growing, the people following you will have a sense that they are supposed to be growing.

If you are experiencing greater peace and joy and security in the Lord, they will likely see it and want it themselves.

If your life is increasingly filled with meaning, as you are a part of lasting transformation in the lives of others, many of the people who are following you will long to have a life like yours.  Isn’t that rich?

The Value of a Flourishing Framework

When we look at and live our lives from the vantage point of flourishing, it provides:

  • A great frame for honoring your soul.
  • A way to truly honor your most important relationships.
  • A way to say no to guilt and fear of losing approval because of how much you find your security and identity in the Lord, and in His generous and at times mysterious provision.
  • A redemptive way to frame suffering, warfare, and grieving.
  • A great way to set your life up to finish well.
  • A great way to help ensure a rich welcome home.

Wrapping Up

Given all the stellar reasons to pursue flourishing, I pray that it frees you up to consider more more of your life from the vantage point of flourishing. May you find yourself becoming more more alive in the Lord each day that you are given.

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