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Where are You on your Leadership Journey?

Where Are You On Your Journey?

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Burning Out
  • Exhausted, practically out of energy
  • Drained emotionally, practically numb
  • You are angry with God more and more often
  • Tragically, the level of intimacy with your family and friends has taken a real hit, as you shut down more and more.
  • You have stopped growing.
  • Real planning is not happening.
  • Beginning to run low on energy, as you rush from place to place
  • Feeling anxious and depressed more often
  • You are asking God for help a lot, but too busy to hear the answer
  • Sadly, your level of intimacy with your family and friends is beginning to deteriorate, because you are so busy and overwhelmed.
  • You mostly engage around crises, or superficial discussions
  • Your leaders and culture are drifting towards greater dysfunction
  • Planning isn’t really honored. Plans change a lot if you do have them
  • Your growth is likely in fits and starts, not leading to lasting change
  • You don’t feel you have time for self-care.
  • You have adequate energy
  • Feel kind of “blah” emotionally, not great, not bad
  • You are fairly superficial in your walk with God
  • Your level of intimacy with your family and close friends is staying the same, if not drifting towards greater superficiality.
  • You are pleasant and warm with others, yet unfortunately, superficial
  • Your leaders and culture are staying the same, essentially luke-warm
  • Planning to facilitate growth is not a real high value for you.
  • You are not really growing
  • Meaningful self-care is not a major part of your life.
  • Your energy levels are gradually improving
  • You are feeling hopeful, encouraged and confident more than occasionally
  • God’s life-giving grace is seeping into more and more of your heart.
  • You are beginning to enjoy greater intimacy with your family and close friends, as you take steps towards healthier, more mature relationships.
  • You are beginning to see people move towards flourishing through your interpersonal influence in their lives.
  • You are beginning to see your leaders and culture take steps towards greater health and maturity.
  • You are starting to grow in lasting ways!
  • You are making progress on self-care!
  • You have consistently strong energy levels
  • You are feeling encouraged, grounded, and confident more and more of the time
  • God and his goodness and power are becoming more and more real.
  • Your level of intimacy with your family and close friends is getting deeper and richer as you move toward healthier, more mature relationships
  • You are seeing more and more people truly flourish and mature through your interpersonal influence in their lives.
  • Your leaders, and the broader culture are getting healthier and more mature.
  • You are growing at a nice, stable pace.
  • You are becoming masterful at self-care.

You and your calling truly matter in God’s Kingdom. How you live out your calling is genuinely significant for you, your family and those you serve. We know leading is difficult, and can be lonely and overwhelming at times. We also know that even with the best of intentions, Christian leadership challenges can leave you scrambling, or burning out. Or even worse, experiencing a tragic, perhaps even catastrophic fall.

We want to help you flourish. To help you fulfill God’s good dreams for your journey. And finish well.

More times than not, having someone wise and grounded to join you on your journey, to provide support, structure and perspective, can make a substantial difference in how your journey unfolds. A good guide can help flourishing become reality.

At the Finish Well Group, we have provided coaching and leadership training for hundreds of Christian leaders over the past ten years. We have had the privilege of working with these organizations and many others, as we work to build the Body of Christ by helping Christian leaders flourish.

Organizations We Helped

Based on our years of experience, we have developed a 4 step process that can help you flourish, and ultimately finish well.

Our 4 Step Coaching Process to Help You Flourish


Gain Needed Clarity

Cut through the fog of busyness and isolation and see reality more clearly.

Dream Your Dreams

Find energy and focus through connecting with your higher calling and God-honoring dreams.

Partner for your Progress

We provide support and perspective to help you create life-giving structure, overcome obstacles and move towards flourishing.

Celebrate your Wins

Celebrating wins refreshes our souls, deepens momentum and honors the Lord.

As leaders faithfully embrace the above process, we have witnessed first hand, countless cases over the span of time, gradually moving from burning out or scrambling to growing and flourishing. That can happen for you as well.

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At the Finish Well Group, we are devoted to helping you and your team flourish in all we do. Feel free to explore the rest of our site to see how we can help you and your team flourish. Or sign up for our weekly (or so) blog to to nudge you towards flourishing and finishing well.

You don’t have to lead feeling isolated and overwhelmed. God has better dreams for you.

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