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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The strongest organizations have a very clear sense for who they are and what they are about.  While no organization is perfect, (including ours), we long to increasingly embody the best of who we are called to be and do.


While we are happy to serve, as best we can, anyone who comes our way, our particular mission is to:

Help build the Body of Christ by supporting and strengthening Pastors and other Christian leaders

We have a real heart for those called to lead and serve the Body of Christ, and for those closest to them, such as their spouses.  These are very challenging times for those called to front line ministries, and just like Aaron and Hur were with Moses in Exodus 17, we long to come alongside leaders and their families when the load gets really heavy and outside support would be a real gift.


While a vision can seem too idealistic, a compelling vision of what could be can provide a unique kind of energy, hope and clarity.  In that vein, our vision, which can only come true by the grace of God is seeing:

Pastors and other Christian leaders healing, growing and flourishing, as they gradually build the Body of Christ, even during times of high stress and uncertainty.  

We believe one of the greatest gifts a Christian leader can give those they are leading and serving is to model for them a life characterized by meaningful transformation.

In that vein, we dream of seeing more and more pastors and their fellow teammates increasingly embodying amazing things like wholeness, freedom and fullness.  

As these invaluable leaders are healing and growing, we see them increasingly embracing healthy, life-giving disciplines that nurture their lives and deepen their souls.

As they are maturing and flourishing in more meaningful ways, we see them enjoying deeper, stronger relationships with the people they are called to love in covenantal relationships, such as a spouse and children.

We see them becoming more and more skilled at helping others grow (discipleship) by who they are becoming, and becoming more and more able to challenge and lovingly confront when that is what their situation requires.

We envision gradually healthier teams and stronger cultures where they lead.

Ultimately, we see the grace-filled light of Christ reaching into places of oppression and deception, bringing freedom and sight to those trapped by forces they’ve simply not understood.

Finally, we dream of Pastors, as many as possible, truly finishing well. We dream of them entering their last years flourishing in ways that far surpass our temporary “tents,” and anticipating a wondrous welcome from their King and Savior.

Will the above be easy?  Of course not.  Will there be intense, and at times, epic battles?  For sure.  We will win them all.   No, sadly enough.  Yet, we commit to doing our best by the grace of God to do everything we can within our limited capacity, to stay in the battle, to keep getting up again, to be loyal to God’s calling and eventually see His will prevail, and His Kingdom Come.  What a day that will be!


Values are about what is most important to us, and in a related sense, how we conduct ourselves as we seek to live out our mission.  We certainly respect people who have values different from us, and we won’t impose our values on anyone.  This is about what shapes how we engage.  While we won’t be perfect at this, it is our deep commitment to particularly honor the following as we pray to see our vision realized:

Compelling Maturity

Oftentimes maturity has a negative connotation, like old, boring, or stuffy. Genuine maturity enables people to truly live life to the full, even in a broken world. As a team, we each work to grow in embodying maturity in the best sense of the word, as in highly trustworthy, responsible, reliable, and competent.  A highly mature person very often has the security, wisdom, and courage to bring just what is needed to any situation, whether that may be compassion, affirmation, confrontation, or playfulness. 

Genuine Transformation. 

The whole point of all our endeavors is to facilitate transformation.  Jesus did not come talking about changing lives, He came to truly transform them.  He entered the toughest suffering in the history of the world through His work on the cross; he was patient beyond belief with His disciples, and he embodied love in all its various forms, in order to bring people into a profound transformation, that far surpasses “fire insurance.” First, we are deeply committed as a team to our own transformation, and to our growth as a team, to model what we invite others to.  Second, we long to help each person who comes our way transform in genuine, life-giving ways on their own unique journey.

Healthy Connection

Any relationship that changes lives is built on the foundation of a deep connection.  Therapy, and to some extent coaching, both involve gradually deepening the relational connection over time.  While the relationship is professional by nature, and while there are limits to how much the therapist or coach shares from their own story, the depth of transformation is in many ways dependent on the depth of the relationship that develops.

We are committed to serving our clients in ways that foster the healthiest connection, in order to create a sense of safety and dignity for our clients, and help facilitate genuine transformation.

Bona Fide Wisdom

Good intentions without wisdom can lead to a disaster.  As we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” we know that quick fixes don’t lead to lasting change.  We recognize the true complexity of human beings, and consequently value wisdom from the Word, and from the best thinkers we know of in the fields of clinical psychology, spiritual formation, coaching, and leadership development, in helping individuals and even teams heal, grow and flourish.