Chances are it is a tough time for you or someone you love if you are here.

Our hearts go out to you.

We know that sometimes painful things can overwhelm any one of us.  We can be hit with an unrelenting anxiety or a soul-numbing depression.  Or we can find ourselves stuck in destructive patterns that leave us feeling ashamed and embarrassed, which is especially painful when we want so badly to live a good life.

Living in isolation and “trying harder” on our own only tends to make things worse though, sadly enough.

We believe taking the risk to talk to someone who knows Jesus well, and who is well-trained in how to enter the toughest of places with you, is a vital element in helping you recover and live in greater freedom.

We are a practice that values core biblical principles as we practice Christian counseling.

While we are glad to help anyone who comes our way, and we certainly won’t impose our beliefs on anyone, our “sweet spot” is serving believers who are struggling and longing to get back on track.

We offer a listening ear, God-honoring insights, and practical tools to help you recover and live in deeper peace and fullness.

We help our clients heal and find their way to a life-giving maturity, in a world that in many ways is terribly broken.

In sum, we work to build an authentic and transformational relationship with you to help you restore your soul and live out your deepest calling.


About the Founder

Hi, my name is Dr. Nick Howard.

To be candid, I know what loss feels like. I know what anxiety and depression feel like too. I also know what is like to move into richer flourishing.

In my life, I’ve realized my greatest loss actually happened 6 years before I was born.  My infant older brother slowly faded from this life over an agonizing four-month period, tragically dying from an inability to digest food at 11 months old. The ripple effect of that massive loss on my mom and dad, and on me and my sister, has honestly never fully gone away.

That loss has shaped my passions and interests in profound ways.  I’m sure that is partially why I found myself majoring in psychology in college.

And, most importantly, I’m sure the impact of that loss is part of what made the Gospel so compelling to me in my teenage years, as it promised a Restorer who would “be with me always” and a Counselor who was glad to comfort me and gradually guide me into greater freedom and fullness. I can testify that those truths have gratefully become more and more real to me with every passing year.

Godly men and women, including some excellent therapists, have also been instrumental in my own healing, growth, and flourishing. I’m sure they inspired me to help others in similar ways.

I was truly fortunate to earn my doctorate in clinical psychology from Wheaton College, and learn directly from godly and widely-respected faculty such as Dr.’s Mark McMinn,  Derek McNeil, and Stanton Jones.

I have been a licensed clinical psychologist since 2001. I have also engaged in leadership coaching and training since 2003.

I’ve had the honor of being published in Christian publications, spoken at Christian psychological conferences, and taught in the doctoral program in clinical psychology at Wheaton College. I’ve also been able to coach, speak, and conduct trainings designed to help Christian leaders flourish and lead in life-changing ways, for nearly twenty years.

I am very grateful to lead a faithful Christian group practice that is undeniably being used by God to bring hope, healing, and wholeness to so many unique and precious lives.

You can learn more about me, our therapists, and our vision and values by clicking on the respective words. You can also learn more about our coaching work, speaking, and training services by clicking on those words as well.

Feel free to scroll down this page to learn more about our therapy process.

I wish you the very best on your journey. May you find everything you need to help you heal, grow, and flourish, in the best sense of those words.



Going to counseling initially can undeniably be a bit intimidating.  Sharing your struggles with someone who initially is a total stranger can be hard.

We do our best to make starting as easy as possible, and for nearly everyone who comes to us, their sessions with their therapist are a truly grounding and life-giving experience.

Our therapists are understanding, genuine, and gifted at what they do.  The process is completely confidential and time-tested.

As you faithfully engage in the steps below, it is highly likely that your life will become much healthier and richer.


Often there is a real sense of relief as you share your burden and have someone walking with you on your path.


When we meet grace instead of judgment as we share our struggles, it nurtures hope and creates room for positive change.


As our souls gradually heal, we develop healthier viewpoints, and start making real, lasting changes in how we live.


Over time, the process leads to greater freedom, greater meaning, and richer contributions. We become genuine models of life to the full.

We have more to share about the life-giving process of being in therapy, if you would like to learn more about it.

  Of course we are a bit biased, but we really believe in the powerful and lasting good that comes through a positive therapy experience.  Click below to learn more.

Don't Wait to Get the Help You Need



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You don’t have to live feeling isolated and overwhelmed. We believe there are better dreams for you.