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    CARA SOTO, MA, Therapy Intern, Coach

    As a therapist, I really value coming alongside my clients during tough seasons and offering support, empathy, encouragement, and hope. My work focuses on promoting emotional health, self-care, and helping people live their lives in healthier ways. 

    Twelve years ago, my passion for helping women gained greater focus when I went through my first coach’s training with Dr. Nick Howard. Fast-forwarding to the present, I now have even more tools to help women navigate family, ministry, marriage, loneliness, and crises. I find joy in facilitating emotional growth, greater resiliency, and deeper healing. In addition to counseling women, I’m also interning at a foster care facility where I help adolescents process their crisis, grief, and trauma.

    I’m currently enrolled at Liberty University and working as an intern to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida. I received my undergrad from the University of North Florida in Sociology, with a minor in psychology and a concentration in social welfare. I also have my certification in life coaching and leadership coaching.

    I have been richly blessed with my husband of 25 years and two adult daughters. My husband is currently the pastor of a church located in the Miami area. I personally enjoy traveling, experiencing different cultures, and being out in God’s beautiful creation.